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Business Resources

We have many different resources for all your financial accounting and bookkeeping needs.

My Business Account

See what you’ve paid the CRA in GST, Corporate Taxes, and Payroll Deductions and how your payments have been applied.

GST/HST Information

General Information regarding GST/HST in Canada

Small Business Calendar

Find out what Statutory Holidays apply to Alberta small businesses.

QuickBooks Online

Access to Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Sign In Page

DEXT Login

Access to DEXT Sign In Page


Access to WagePoint Sign In Page

Payroll Resources

Termination Request

For ThinkEasy customers ONLY – Submit this form every time an employee leaves your company.  This will give us all the information we need to create a Record of Employment and update your payroll records.

Termination Letter

Coming Soon

Statutory Holiday Pay

How to determine if an employee is entitled to Statutory Holiday Pay and how much.  Alberta Employment Standards fact sheet.

Employee Contact Form

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Employment Contract Form

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Tips & Gratuities

How do I pay my employees their tips?  Tips & Gratuities are not all equal. Rules on what is taxable and what is not.

Vacation Pay

]What are your obligations as an employer to your employees in regards to Vacation Pay in Alberta? Alberta Employment Standards fact sheet.

Alberta Business Resources

Alberta Small Business Resources and Supports to help Alberta Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses start, grow, and succeed.

Termination of employment & temporary layoff

Alberta Employment Standards fact sheet about what to do when an employee quits their job or when you terminate the employment.

Payroll deductions

Employer’s guide for Payroll Deductions and Remittances. (T4001)

Minimum Wage Alberta

Alberta Employment Standards fact sheet about minimum wage in Alberta.

Taxable Benefits

Employer’s guide (T4130) if you provide benefits or allowances to your employees, including individuals who hold an office.

Employee or Contractor

The rules regarding if someone is an employee or a contractor (self-employed).

TD1 Forms

All employees need a TD1 Federal and TD1 Alberta completed and kept on file.  This lets payroll know how much to deduct in income taxes.


An online tool provided by the CRA to help calculate Federal and Provincial payroll deductions (EI, CPP, and Income Tax).