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Get Cloud Payroll in Canada today! We process payroll, provide employee paystubs online or via email, and the pay cheque goes directly to their bank account.

We even have a great solution for timesheets.  No need to chase paper anymore!  Let your team submit their time on their phone or at an office computer.  Receive weekly updates on time submitted.  Once the pay period is over, management reviews and approves and we’ll do the rest.  Yes, it can be that easy!

We offer complete payroll services utilizing TelPay or WagePoint for direct deposits.

If your company is a small to medium business with less then 50 employees, we can support your payroll. We service salary or hourly, weekly to monthly, tips or bonuses, high turnover or lifers, advances and repayments, and much more. Pricing is based on a per employee / per pay day fee. Get your free quote today!

Payroll Services include:

  • Employee Paystubs
  • Payroll Tax Filing Remittances
  • Annual T4s and Summary
  • ROEs (Record of Employment)
  • Online access to your payroll data


What is cloud payroll?

It is online payroll software that keeps all the data on a remote server. This means your data is being backed up and maintained offsite. For small businesses with minimal IT support, this is a major benefit.

what’s the difference between pay period and payday?

Payday is a scheduled date that a business is going to pay employees – when employees can expect to receive their funds. This can be biweekly, semi monthly, even monthly if you live in Alberta. Each province regulates what are acceptable paydays. Pay period is the date range that the employee worked and is being paid for.

How do you calculate payroll?

For example, gross pay is the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly wage. Next, vacation pay and statutory holiday pay must be determined. Lastly, net pay is calculated using the payroll tax tables that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides on a semi-annual basis.

What are The Advantages of payroll in the cloud?

For starters, automatically updated payroll tax tables which greatly reduces calculation errors.  Additionally, a great feature is the employee online portal. It allows the user to see their paystub, T4, and manage bank information.  

why should i outsource payroll?

If your small business is not ready for a payroll administrator, then outsourcing is the way to go. We use Canadian payroll software for payroll processing – not manual calculations. You can count on accurate paystubs, quick, easy, and painless. Oh ya, and we have online support with a smile!

how does payroll work in canada?

First off, a small business is required to register for a Payroll Account before processing any payroll. Then, Employers are required to deduct income tax, CPP, & EI from their employees and remit to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  As well, small businesses must also contribute to CPP and EI.

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