DIY Finance Bundles

DIY Bookkeeping Bundles: Empower Your E-Commerce Success

At ThinkEasy, we understand the drive and passion of Alberta’s e-commerce entrepreneurs. That's why we've crafted our DIY Bookkeeping Bundles, designed to put the power of financial management in your hands, while providing the expert support you need.

Tailored for E-commerce Go-Getters: Whether you're selling the latest fashion or innovative pet products, our bundles give you the tools to manage your finances confidently. With a QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription, you'll navigate your financial data with ease, turning numbers into actionable insights.

Streamlined Expense Management: Simplify your receipt tracking and expense management with a DEXT subscription. Say goodbye to piles of paper and hello to organized, digitized financial clarity.

Personalized Support, Every Step of the Way: Each month, you'll have 30 minutes of online support from our ThinkEasy experts. Whether it's a quick question or a strategic query, we're here to guide you through the nuances of e-commerce bookkeeping.

Payroll Made Easy: For those handling payroll, a Wagepoint subscription makes it a breeze. Pay your team accurately and on time, every time, with this intuitive tool.

Embrace the freedom of DIY bookkeeping with the reassurance of professional support. Our DIY Bookkeeping Bundles are more than just tools; they're your partners in growth, compliance, and financial success. Let’s make bookkeeping the least of your worries, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your e-commerce business.

dIY Bundle


This package includes QuickBooks Online Essentials along with setup and ongoing monthly bookkeeping support. You are in control!

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DIY Bundle


This package includes QuickBooks Online Essentials along with setup and ongoing monthly bookkeeping support. Also includes DEXT (receipt capture app) for greater efficiency. You are in control!

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DIY bundle


This package includes QuickBooks Online Essentials along with setup and ongoing monthly bookkeeping support. Also includes DEXT (receipt capture app) for greater efficiency and WagePoint for seamless payroll. You are in control!

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Who are DIY Bookkeeping Bundles best suited for?

Our bundles are ideal for Alberta-based e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to take charge of their financial management with the ease of technology and expert support. Whether you're a startup or an established online retailer, these bundles are tailored to empower your financial success.

What does the QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription include?

The QBO subscription provides full access to QuickBooks Online, a leading accounting software that helps you manage your finances, track sales and expenses, and gain valuable insights into your business performance.

How does DEXT help with expense management?

DEXT simplifies expense tracking by digitizing receipts and invoices, making it easy to organize and manage expenses. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, ensuring your financial data is accurate and up-to-date.

What kind of support can I expect from the monthly online sessions?

In your monthly 30-minute session, our experts can assist with any bookkeeping questions, from basic queries to more complex strategic advice. We're here to ensure you're confident in using the tools and understanding your financial reports.

Can the DIY Bookkeeping Bundles handle payroll?

Absolutely! With a Wagepoint subscription, the bundles include an efficient payroll management tool, simplifying the process of paying your team accurately and on time.

How easy is it to set up and start using the DIY Bookkeeping Bundles?

Setting up is straightforward. Once you subscribe, we'll guide you through the initial setup and provide ongoing support to ensure you're comfortable and confident in managing your bookkeeping.

What if I need more than 30 minutes of support per month?

If you find you need additional support, we offer the option to schedule extra consultations at a reasonable rate. Our goal is to ensure you have all the help you need.

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts?

We offer flexible terms without long-term commitments, allowing you to choose what works best for your business.

How do these bundles help with tax compliance?

Our bundles, especially with QuickBooks Online, simplify tax compliance by keeping your financial records organized and up-to-date, making tax filing more straightforward and accurate.